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Ayurveda Cosmico Suprimo Powder 100 gm

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Man Power Stamina | Erectile dysfunction | Arousal disorders | Low libido

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Product Benefits

  • Rejuvenate Your Sexual Health from a basic level
  • Stops the dissipation of sexual energy, nightfall, semen erosion and causes urination.
  • Increase seed density.
  • Nourishes and Strengthens the reproductive organs
  • Prolong the duration of sexual intercourse.
  • Overall strengthening of body muscles and endurance

Key Ingredients

Safed musali- Safed Musli has the potential to enhance testosterone levels in males, resulting in a heightened libido and improved sexual performance. Additionally, it has the ability to enhance both the quality and quantity of sperm, making it an effective solution for male infertility.

Kali Musali- In Ayurveda, it is believed that Kali Musli possesses properties that are considered aphrodisiac and can provide strength. These properties are said to be beneficial in addressing male sexual dysfunction and enhancing stamina. Additionally, it is thought to help balance Vata, which can improve sexual drive and increase sperm count.

Dates-  Research has indicated the potential benefits of dates for sexual health. In the past, dates were utilized in traditional medicine to address male infertility. Now, let's delve into the specific ways in which dates can enhance sexual well-being.

Talmakhana- Talmakhana is commonly recommended for enhancing men's well-being. As a natural aphrodisiac, it possesses potent properties that promote the production of healthy sperm. This makes it highly advantageous in the treatment of conditions such as low sperm count (oligospermia), low semen volume (hypospermia), poor sperm motility (asthenozoospermia), abnormal sperm shape (teratospermia), and overall improvement of sperm production (spermatogenesis).

Ashwagandha- As well as boosting sexual desire and testosterone levels, some studies have suggested that taking ashwagandha helps to improve sperm count, sperm motility and overall semen quality.  

Black Grape- Assists in enhancing the levels of testosterone and supporting the vitality and quantity of sperm.  

Salam Panja- Salam Panja has been given to increase testosterone levels in the blood and improve the motility and quality of the sperm. Hence, it is considered an effective treatment for a low sperm count and or no sperm.  

How to Use ?

1 teaspoon twice a day or as directed by the physician

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