Company Mission

Company’s Mission is to uplift the human physical well-being by use of natural herbs. The mission is not only to cure ailments but to uplift the human physiology in such a way that physical body lives on with youthful exuberance.

Eternal Ayurveda works with a vision to uplift the human well-being and does not believe in the philosophy of quick fixes. This product is handed to you with an expectation and hope that usage of this would change your perspective of power of purest Ayurveda.
We promise you the Ayurveda at its Purest!


Research and Development

We have a well established Research and Development unit equipped with modern equipment. This unit is a backbone of Eternal Life Ayurveda as it continues to work on principles of Ayurveda as its Purest.

Herb Procurement & Extraction

Some of the rare herbs and plants are procured from authentic sources under stringent supervision of Eternal Life Ayurveda team. There are few herbs grown under alert supervision of Eternal Life Ayurveda team to retain the medicinal properties of the herbs.

Why choose us

Along side the R&D unit, there is a well established testing Unit. There are strict guidelines issued and monitored by this unit which tests all the products emanating out of manufacturing unit.


Production unit is established with a view to provide Ayurveda at its Purest to the world. It is a unique combination of modern and traditional equipment which ensures that medicinal qualities are not lost while preparation. A pristine environment is maintained inside the unit to maintain the highest standards of the output produce.

Story Behind the Start of the Company

Ayurveda at its Purest- driven by this motto, the company was started in 2015. Across the world, there are lots of proclaimed ‘Ayurvedic Centres’ selling quick-fixes in a garb of Ayurveda. Eternal Life Ayurveda was conceptualized with a vision to break the jinx of anything-sells-as-Ayurveda. Ayurveda in pure form, opens up new dimensions of well-being. It cures ailments, which sometimes seems incurable. With this backdrop, Eternal Life Ayurveda is established. Each and every component of the organization is designed with a view to provide Ayurveda in Purest form. 

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